Water for 10 villages in Ghana




5.500 people




5.500 people

Project story

Safe drinking water for 10 villages in Ghana..!

Nsoatre is one of the areas in West Africa with extreme poverty. Infant mortality is high in this area, partly because many residents drink from contaminated water sources. In dry periods, water is hardly available and people have to walk for miles to get water.

More than 25 years ago, Solomon Boateng started helping underprivileged children in Ghana. Since then, his work has grown into the organization Heart for Children Foundation Ghana. Stichting Kinderhulp Ghana has also been involved with this organization for 23 years now, with a particular focus on the area around Nsoatre, the Bono region.

Meanwhile, more and more children are going to school to work on their future. But the problems are not over yet. Certainly not when it comes to clean drinking water. And precisely that is of primary importance!

In recent years, Children’s Aid Ghana has been able to realize that already 17,000 people have daily access to clean drinking water. The goal is to eventually give all 40,000 people in the Bono region that access; we therefore want to do our utmost for the remaining 23,000 people! They too have a right to clean and safe drinking water!

The longer-term goal is to realize about 50 more water pumps for all 23,000 people. Because we cannot help all the people at once, we are phasing the project with batches of 10 pumps at a time. With this project, we want to realize 10 water pumps in the first half of 2023. The wells will be drilled by machine to an average depth of 100 meters. The goal is that this will give more than 5,500 people access to safe drinking water and also the possibility to water their vegetable gardens, so that food production will increase significantly.

‘It is not about what the country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. To see the smiles on the faces of the children, that keeps me going.’ – Solomon Boateng, projectleader

For this first phase of the project, the following 10 villages (google coordinates are known!) have been selected: Kusikrom (531 people) – Attaakrom (567) – Sahess (428) – Aduonya-Abro (461) – Aduonya-Dosa (398) – Abenaankwab (481) – Amadenkyi (507) – Amsterdam (872) – Pewode (489) – Nsoatre near schools (853). In total, this phase involves helping nearly 5,600 people!

The realization of the water pumps takes place during the most dry season of the year (January-March). The water in the ground is then at its deepest level. By drilling just then, we can be sure that the water pipe will basically be deep enough to keep watering forever. The drilling depth ranges from 75 – 300 meters. The agreement with the contractor has been made so that regardless of the depth, the water pipe will be installed for sufficient clean drinking water and for a fixed price of up to €3,500 per installation. The project team has also had very good experiences with this contractor in the past and can therefore confidently award the contract for these 10 water installations. The contractor will realize a complete installation, including concrete water tank and water pump.

Project costs
The cost per pump installation is €3,500; the total investment is: €35,000. MissionInvest would like to commit to this project to provide people in Ghana with the most basic of essential living needs. Meanwhile, €10,000 has already been realized on this project and the first three boreholes have already been drilled in March 2023. For the remaining € 25,000 we are still looking for one or more donors willing to commit to this. If desired, a personal involvement (project visit) is very much possible!

Clean drinking water and healthy food is a basic need for every human being. For us in the Netherlands this is something we take for granted, but not for inhabitants of Ghana. Many people still die every day from the consequences of polluted drinking water or lack of healthy food. With your help we can install the water pumps in the short term, and for all 5,600 inhabitants of the 10 villages there will be a tremendous positive impact on their health situation and daily functioning.

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