My services

What types of services does MissionInvest offer?

First of all, YOUR mission is our starting point. Having clarified that, we can determine how we can work together. Our focus is on missionary and development projects. In more than 20 years we have gained experience and expertise in these areas. What sets us apart? Our clients particularly appreciate our extensive international network of donors and project partners. This is where our added value mainly lies. It enables us to respond quickly and make the right connections.

Although we also do consultancy, 80% of our service consists of brokering financing for both donation and investment projects. And...when you decide to work with us, you can count on quality and reliability. We are happy to meet with you!


Do you have to make strategic choices? Do you want to develop a meaningful project? I would be happy to advise you!

For entrepreneurs, foundations and fundraising organizations:

  • Policy and strategy
  • Project development
  • Business Development USA Fundraising
  • Personal coaching fundraisers

My expertise will enable you as entrepreneur or fundraising organization to achieve greater impact with your mission. My role: confidential adviser, sparring partner, connector, intermediary. We define a clear fundraising strategy based on your mission and achieve better results through coaching. If relevant, we can also work on establishing your network in the USA.


Do you want to achieve more with your mission? Are you looking for funds for your project? I will gladly help you!

For fundraising organizations and private initiatives:

  • Access to broad (international) network
  • Donormatching
  • Targeted fundraising on projectbasis

I not only advise, but I also want to transform that advice in visible results! We define a feasible goal, and work in union towards it. So I am also working for your organization as an independent fundraiser to get the necessary funds. My most important added value is the broad network of reliable relations especially in the business market.

Impact investing

You want to develop a large-scale idealistic or missionary project? You are looking for investors? I would like to mediate for you!

For entrepreneurs:

  • Access to broad (international) network
  • Combination of grants and investments
  • Both loans (from € 100.000) and equity
  • Focus on social returns ('impact first')

From my role as a connector I bring together large parties to jointly invest in meaningful projects. The crux lies in connecting reliable parties. From a shared mission we want to achieve substantial impact. The projects are located in the Netherlands and in various developing countries.

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